Emotion Management

Emotion (Primarily negative emotion; specially Anger) is the root cause to major physical & mental health related issues like: Backache, Hypertension, Skin disorders, Stroke, Heart Attack, Lower pain threshold, weakened immune system, Depression, Self injury, Low self-esteem etc.

Most of the decisions taken during the state of anger are later found wrong. It not only destroys your productivity but also impacts the health of your near and dear ones.

Our Emotions Management program is based on “Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy” invented by Dr. Albert Ellis.

Nature Of Emotion

Emotional self-regulation, also known as Emotion Regulation or simply ER, is being able to properly regulate one's emotions. It is a complex process that involves the initiating, inhibiting, or modulating the following aspects of functioning: # internal feeling states (i.e. the subjective experience of emotion), # emotion-related cognitions (e.g. thought reactions to a situation), # emotion-related physiological processes (e.g. heart rate, hormonal, or other physiological

Science sees emotion as the perceptual end-product of chemicals and hormones affecting our nervous system, nothing more. In truth, such chemicals in our bodies are just physical components of an overall metaphysical process. The body is synchronistically coupled to the soul, meaning the soul doesn’t actually impress a physical force upon the body’s cells as a magnet would upon iron filings, but rather the soul generates a morphogenic field which tends to make one’s neurons and cells “accidentally” behave in a way that directly mirrors the behavior of the soul. The morphogenic field alters the probability of cellular events in such a way to conform to the will of the soul.

During life in a physical body, the body and soul are strongly coupled. One’s daily consciousness, the ego, resides at the border between physical brain and metaphysical soul, meaning it can experience the illusion of emotion through drugs. Such artificial inductions of emotions are generated through the body rather than the soul. Any generation of emotion via physical methods leads only the generation of false emotions.

Key Benefits of Emotion Management:

With the help of Emotion Management one can do following things just in few seconds. The main benefits from Emotion Management are :

• Learn to identify the anger triggering events.

• Learn to identify activating events.

• Learn to work on belief systems.

• Learn to identify the self-talk.

• Consequence effects.

• Learn to detect and differentiate the self-talk.

• Learn how to remain productive under the most frustrating situations of life.

• Multiply your work productivity.

• Improve your relationships.

• Multiply your income.