Leader Swift

Leadership is an “Art” and most people believe that they know this art very well however the fact is that most people always find sizeable gap between their expectations from their sub-ordinates and the result produced by them.

It’s said that people don’t leave the organizations, people leave people. If you could nurture the art of Leadership in you, your own productivity as well as your teams productivity can be multiplied many folds.

Leader-swift, a program exclusively designed to convert Managers into Leaders.

Key Benefits of Leader-swift

1. The Latest Definition of Leader & its Characteristics.

2. 4 Types of Bosses i.e. Ordinary, Manager, Leader & Role Model.

3. Key differences between Manager and Leader.

4. Identify the Maturity Level of your sub-ordinates.

5. 4 Styles of Leadership i.e. Telling Style, Selling Style, Participatory Style & Delegation Style.

6. “Success Hut” which helps you to grow faster in corporate world.

7. Decode the Leadership.

8. Multiply your productivity as well as your team’s productivity.

9. Grow faster in your career.

10. Take promotions & increments faster & better than your colleagues.

11. It also covers 10 paradoxical situations of Leadership and how to handle them.

How It Works

Leader-swift is 1 Full Day Program, stating from 8.30 AM to 6.30 PM, conducted in a Hotel or Auditorium.