In today world, you need to perform at the maximum ability to cope up with the fast paced and competitive global environment.

Many a times, you put-in your best efforts but due to other people’s Lie, Fraud & Cheat you miss the bus of your success. But not anymore!

With one of the most exciting programs of Empower Mind Streaks– A Mind Development Company, you can now catch the lie of other person that too without having any electronics or mechanical device being connected through his/her body. Amazing !!!

What Is Lie-Detection

Lie detection, also referred to as deception detection, uses questioning techniques along with technology that records physiological functions to ascertain truth and falsehood in response.There are a wide variety of technologies available for this purpose.

A meta-analysis study from DePaulo and Morris found an "association between lying and increased pupil size, an indicator of tension and concentration." Additionally, those lying are perceived to appear more nervous than those telling the truth (which may be because the voices of those lying are higher pitched), while they also do not appear to be more fidgety, blink more, or have a less-relaxed posture but "are more likely than truth-tellers to press their lips together."

General questioning techniques

There are typically three types of questions used. Irrelevant questions establish a baseline to compare other answers by asking simple questions with clear true and false answers. Comparison questions have an indirect relationship to the event or circumstance, and they are designed to encourage the subject to lie. Relevant questions are compared against comparison questions (which should represent false answers) and irrelevant questions (which should represent true answers).

Key Benefits of Lie Detection Program

1. Understand the language of other person’s brain.

2. Understand eye-movements.

3. Learn 6 different directions of eyes.

4. Learn to ask the right question.

5. Learn to catch the lie.

6. Catch the lies during interviews.

7. Catch your teen aged children telling lies.

8. Protect yourself from being cheated by others.