Personality Trait & Behaviour

Dr. William Moulton Morston was a psychologist and anthropologer who after studying thousands the human behaviours and their personalities developed the concept of DISC profile. After his many years of research he submitted his thesis in late 1920's which divides the human personalities into 4 categories i.e. Dominant, Influential, Steady & Compliant. DISC profile has been in use for many years for multiple purposes like sales, marketing, management, HR, alliances etc. Later on another scientist, Dr. Gary Couture added bird profiling to the same theory.

Eagle : Dominant

Eagles are dominant, Stimulated by challenge, decisive & direct. Eagles can be blunt, stubborn, can lose sight of the big picture & can be insensitive to other’s need. Eagle are natural achievers.

Peacock : Influential

The Peacock loves to talk; being the centre of attention has passion / enthusiasm & is happy/ optimistic. They can be accused of talking too much & are not good with details & time – control.

Dove : Steady

The Dove is people oriented, loyal, friendly, hard working & a great team player but tends to avoid change, confrontation, conflicts, risk taking, & assertiveness.

Owl : Compliant

The Owl is Logical, Mathematically Minded, Methodical & sometimes seen as a perfectionist. The owl can be slow to make decisions & inflexible if rules & logic says otherwise. Owls are not big risk takers but love details.