Power of Sub-conscious Mind

We all have been blessed by God in many ways. One of the most fascinating is “Brain”. Brain gives birth to Mind. Mind is divided into 2 parts, Conscious Mind and Sub-conscious Mind. Our conscious mind itself is very powerful but more than 90% of the powers belong to our Sub-conscious Mind.

“Sub-conscious Mind Power” is an extra-ordinary program for all those who want to attract Health, Wealth, Peace, Prosperity, Relationship, Success and many more in their lives.

Key Benefits of Power of Sub-Conscious Mind

1. Understand the difference between Brain and Mind.

2. Discover the power of Conscious Mind & Sub-conscious Mind.

3. Learn different States of Mind – Alpha, Beta, Theta & Delta.

4. Auto-suggestions.

5. Learn how to give auto-suggestions to your Sub-conscious Mind.

6. Pre-cautions.

7. Theta State Meditation.

8. Activate the Power of Sub-conscious Mind.

9. The Art of Goal Achieving.

10 Breathing Techniques.