About Us

A Mind Development Company, an initiative by a team of professionals who work in the domain of empowering people through various tools & techniques. We empower people to be more confident & independent in their life. We help them to achieve whatever they want in their life.

We at Empower Mind Streaks believe that every human Mind has an unlimited potential but most people go to their grave just using 5% of their Mind potential and 95% of their real Mind potential is taken along with them to their grave.

Why we are different

We believe that every organisation is formed on the basis of a unique identity, which keeps the business processes separate from the rest of the industry and hence require a specific solution for smooth and flexible operation.

We provide a very unique concept which help you to understand inborn talent of your child. We are having products that can help you to compete in this fast life, which makes you different from others.


Developing people to become more confident & independent in their life by discovering & nurturing their hidden potential.


1. To make people realise the power of mind development techniques & the difference it can create in their life & lifestyles in the years to come.

2. To constantly seek, learn and assimilate knowledge.

3. To leverage talent by understanding people.

4. To be an equal opportunity employer.