Learning Methods

Cognitive Or Independent

You are an independent learner, goal oriented, target centric, self-starter and you like to achieve things on your own. You take responsibilities of your success as well as failure. You are bold & determined. You learn things on your own & like to work in your own style with complete freedom.

You are very competitive & unwilling to give up until the goal is achieved. You have high self-esteem for yourself. When it comes to work, you make no compromise. You believe in perfection & you try to deliver the same & expect the same from others. You are a tough boss but under your supervision people can change their life for betterment. But because of this quality of yours, you are often mistaken as stubborn, rigid, ruthless & egoistic.

Affective Or Imitate

You are an imitation learner with great learn ability. Your greatest advantage is your stretch ability and flexibility but because of these qualities you may learn both good and bad things. Therefore environment, surroundings and company make a lot of difference to your learning. You believe in relationship based approach.

You can be inspired easily however at times you tend to give up halfway due to emotional imbalance but a pat on you back and little encouragement help you keep going.

Reverse Thinker Or Non – Traditional

You don't think the way this world do. You think out of the box & deliver outstanding performance. The key driving force for you is your interest. You always do things in a new, different & better manner. You are creative, discoverer & a good analyst which makes you different from the league. You don't like to follow the world but like to create a different path to achieve your goals.

Step By Step Or Dependent

You potential to learn and reach to the heights is unlimited however you learn things only if you are given proper guidance and support. You are soft spoken and value the relationship however you are conservative, distant and defensive in your approach. For you, nothing comes easy that's why you work very hard to get things done. You are full of emotional energy and at times you find it difficult to express yourself.